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AV. Nativitas 429
16090 Xochimilco, CDMX
Tel.: (+52) (55) 5334 0330
“Tarango” Bridge, México City

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Opening Detail



  1. Installation of Shoring & Forms at the starting abutment. Substructure being built enough in advance. (I)
  2. First segment casting: 1st span & 1/4 of the 2nd for continuous decks. (II)
  3. Concrete prestressing: Bonded post-tensioning.
  4. Shoring opening and advancing. (A)
  5. Shoring closing and Form adjustment.
  6. Second segment casting: Rest of 2nd span & 1/4 of 3rd for continuous decks. (III)
  7. Cycle repetition as many times as spans. (IV, V).
  8. Shoring & Form removal at end of last segment.

Se han logrado ciclos de 4 días.



  1. Urban sites:
    No cranes, haulers or falsework on streets.
  2. Cast in place:
    Free longitudinal, transverse shapes
  3. Seismic areas:
    continuous superstructures
  4. Speed of construction:
    4 days per segments/span