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”La Marquesa” Bridge, México City

Incrementally Launched Bridges:
German Technology introduced in Mexico by our founder engineer
Juan del Avellano Macedo.
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Based on the simplest concept for bridge construction - pushing a prefabricated deck from one edge of the obstacle to the opposite- the Incremental Launching System has been uninterruptedly used for large bridges from 19th through 21st Century, first with steel, then
prestressed concrete, recently steel again.

Competitive application, though, requires special attention to several topics:

  • Design must precisely balance material strength, superstructure depth and nose size.
  • Sliding line, which includes soffit plates and bearings must be accurately designed and
  • Launching maneuver requires careful coordination.

MEXPRESA has a 30+ year continuous experience in this technique and can guarantee optimal results by providing the most skilled Engineers, the right Equipment (with Eberspächer hydraulics) and highly professional Site Installers.


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