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This chapter contains:
  • Stay Cable: With bare, galvanized and epoxicoated strand
  • Cable Stayed Bridges
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We use DEL technology:


The DEL CABLE STAY SYSTEMS are the final product of a thorough, professional, experience-based analysis of the design and installation needs of present-day cable stayed bridges.

In the design field DEL stay anchorages, compatible with bare, galvanized and epoxi-coated strands, and with any additionally required protection, are prepared to far outpass the generally accepted stress range test criteria, should the project requires special features.

Also, they adapt to either steel or concrete decks, pylons and abutments.

DEL stay cables are job-site oriented, avoiding hand-installed parts in difficult-access places, providing any-time removable parts for strands or anchorage inspection, and requiring simple construction equipment for their installation.

Stressing is made through light, mono and multi-strand jacks, combined to reduce the number of operations, including those related to level vs tension control.

Cable stayed bridges need custom solutions. DEL works in that line, colaborating, as required, both in the evolution, design, construction and maintenance stages, adapting to needed features, sites and measures.


System description

  1. Helical Elastomeric Wrap
    • Protects against wind and rain effects, dust, fire, temperature changes.
    • Removable, allows for strand inspection
  2. Anti-Impact Steel Pipe
    2 part removable, sealed
  3. Lateral Damper
    2 part removable
  4. Deviator
    Soft, sliding, 2 part removable
  5. Pipe
  6. Filling
    Grease or polyurethane
  7. Strands
    2 Individual nested corrosion barriers:
    • 1st Galvanizing or epoxi coating, filled
    • 2nd High Density polyethilene sheath
  8. Drainage
    For debris, grease
  9. Total Encapsulation
  10. Transition Angle
    Far from mechanical wedges, for extra fatigue safety
  11. Soft Wedge
    • Increases anchorage´s fatigue resistance to 300 MPa range at 2 million cycles
    • Protects against corrosion & lateral vibrations
  12. Mechanical Wedges
    Tested to 200 MPa range at 2 million cycles
  13. Regulation nut
    With the required thread lenght
  14. Tension Checking
    From anchorage body only, toavoid wedge-lifting-related strand indentation
  15. Strand Overlength
    For stay removal only
  16. Wedge Retention
    For extra protection against negative-direction strand movements